Escape From Tarkov The latest competitor comes from a veteran

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We the people is aiming high. This solid, tactical shooter combines tense, high-stakes FPS games like Escape From Tarkov and Call of Duty Warzone 2 with the realistic shooter physics and open-world zombie survival of DayZ. We the People are a small indie company, a team built by military veterans who aim to make something “incredibly ambitious” with the help of their community.

We the People is built around an open map with multiple entry and exit points, allowing players or groups to enter the battlefield, search and find loot, and extract in a variety of ways. There is a focus on the setting, which extends both up and down, with underground research facilities and compounds that offer great benefits. You’ll have to fight various dangers along the way – these include AI-controlled enemies, zombies, dangerous wild animals, and of course, possibly other players.

One of the ways we people differ from its competition is by placing its management in the world; Instead of sitting in the menu between rounds, you will actually be in the settlement where you can store equipment and supplies. As you progress, there will be ways to upgrade your stash, though you’ll have to contend with limited storage space, meaning you’ll have to carefully decide what to keep, and what to trade or sell.

Its other main focus, as you might expect from a team with a military background, is realistic bullet physics. In the developer’s blog, which you can see below, programmer Eric talks about the challenges facing the balance between simulating physics to a high level of reality, while also supporting multiplayer shooting at the same time without putting a heavy load on the game’s server.

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As things stand, Eric said the team currently has data for 12 bullet types across ten of the most common calibers, with 28 calibers currently being studied for the future. “We want to support a variety of bullet types,” Eric explained, “such as hollow point, full metal jacket, armor piercing, tracer, etc.”

With no shortage of weapon customization that allows you to adjust component parts on the fly, We The People promises “nearly limitless loadout possibilities.” That, coupled with the now-popular block shooting style where your gear is on the line every time you go out, means you want to do everything you can to protect your perfect gear. Fortunately, some exfiltration options let you leave more quietly than usual – but you may need to pick up specific items first to pull them out.

The team has big ambitions for modeling mechanics like bullet deflection and ricochet, which it ultimately wants to try and simulate as closely as possible without any randomness. They recognize that this is something that may take a while to implement, however, so the current model includes a small random factor in how the bullets ping off the surface. Eric’s bullet physics example on the developer blog is a bit complicated, but shows the team’s commitment to achieving its goals.

We The People - Roadmap, with the launch of new maps and beta testing before the game moves to Steam at launch.

After a positive initial reception to the team’s first technical presentation during Steam Next Fest, it plans a roadmap for the future, with more private testing and a closed public beta planned before the game’s early access launch. The early access release will also include an arena mode, which allows for unranked play as a great way to warm up before going into the hardcore main mode and taking all the risks.

It all seems very ambitious, and taking on the likes of Tarkov and Warzone, with their massive development, is no mean feat. But the Small Indie team seems to have their hearts in the right place, and said, “We all saw what happened to projects like the other day. [which has struggled to deliver on its initial promises] And our intention is to avoid that to the best of our ability.”

We’ll be following its progress closely – if you’d like to do the same, you can go here to add We The People to your Steam wishlist.

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