Five great places to put an Airtag, and the wonderful place I did

Five great places to put an Airtag, and the wonderful place I did

Got yourself an Apple AirTags but not sure where to put them? Well, I feel like you and I have been there. I remember holding my four pack of AirTags wondering what items I had in my house that would benefit from being able to track them so I could go buy accessories so I could stick them where I needed them. It’s an expensive old game, let me tell you.

Very unusual, I attach one key to my keys, the other to my work keys that I move between bags and bags depending on what happens in my week, I give one to my groom because I’m nice like that, but the fourth one I am – and continue to be – smugly proud of where I put it.

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Apple AirTag 4 Pack

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The fourth of my four packs of AirTags sits inside my adorable three-year-old’s Poplin bag. If you don’t have a child who won’t go to sleep without a cute toy, you’ll no doubt think I’m crazy and that’s fair enough. But when the choice is between not getting my seven hours of sleep and performing surgery on a particular Jellycat Puffin – which is now completely discontinued, not that it’s a new story not this one – then I am. Go to surgery every time. Remove the knitting, open the AirTag in (set it up first clearly), stitch it back up and voilá. Puffin tracking is permanently at my fingertips.

It means that whenever the now dressed and, I’ll be honest, skanky Puffin leaves the house, I don’t squirm like a mad woman as I walk around the shops for fear of something stupid. When the Puffin is hidden at home (such as the dog’s bed and dustbin), I can play the sound to find it, which helps me. A lot of time. And so, I pat myself on the back regularly for what I consider a pretty smart place to wear an AirTag.

The best place to wear an AirTag

However, if you don’t have kids who are obsessed with Puffin, it’s a great place to put an AirTag that might not be obvious.

Inner bag

I mentioned the bag briefly but it’s a good thing to consider. It certainly isn’t ideal when an airline loses your bag, and I suppose it could be considered torture if you can see that the bag is hundreds or thousands of miles away from where you are. It is useful though and you will be grateful if your bag is lost that you have some idea where your favorite pants are in the world.

Pet collar

If you have a dog or cat, then getting a special collar that allows you to place the AirTag inside is a good idea if they are known for wandering – especially cats. It may help put your mind at ease if they don’t come home when they usually do, as well as maybe help them faster if they are injured or lost.

Under the seat of your bike or scooter

Bicycles are very expensive packages, as well as scooters, so hiding the AirTag under the bicycle seat or under the scooter is useful to help track them. You hope they don’t get stolen, but if they do, you can track them (until the AirTag is found). There is a special accessory for placing the AirTag under the bike seat so this can help. If not, you could try placing it in the seat cushion – perhaps harder than the Puffin surgery?

Student bag

A child’s school bag is a great place for an AirTag because it not only helps you find where it is if your little one (or big one) forgets it, but if they walk home, you’ll be able to see their progress. You can also set up the ‘Notify when left’ feature and enter school and home as locations. I have made a separate guide and features tricks that tell you how.

your car

Don’t laugh. It might sound silly but have you ever parked at a mall or airport to return from your amazing trip but didn’t know where you parked? Having an AirTag in the car is great for helping you find your car and avoiding you walking through multiple floors looking for your car. I’ve done it, it’s not fun.

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