Standard Chartered Launches a Comprehensive Digital Banking Solution

Slandered chartered bank announced the strengthening of its digital banking solution at a press conference

today. This full fledge client centric solution will enable the banks clients to enjoy the benefits of 24x7banking convenience and most and most of all, experience unparalleled financial services in the digital edge.

providers under the digital drive of the state bank of Pakistan.

With the digital innovation the bank strives to deliver to an end-to-end, scalable digital experience. The all-

encompassing digital banking suite is designed to empower client with seamless and secure access to banking

service from anywhere, any time, it also includes the Digital Banking Solution onboarding journey where clients when open

bank accounts and complete transaction within minutes.

Rehan sheikh, chief executive standard chartered addressing the media states I am delighted to celebrate an

important milestone today in our transformation journey as we integrate cutting edge technology innovation

global expertise and learning into our digital offering to empower costumers with seamless access to their

finances offering real-time insights personalized services and convenient transaction by embracing technology

endeavor to revolutionize the costumer experiences making financial management more intuitive and

enabling individuals to achieve their goals with greater ease our SC mobile app is prepaid to break barriers

and set new benchmark for innovation in financial services this is an important step in our aspiration to help

lift participation and drive financial inclusion across Pakistan the role of the state bank of Pakistan has been

instrumental in pushing the frontiers in the digital space by fueling innovation to advance and integrated

digital banking ecosystem going forward we will continue to invest in our people technology and

infrastructure to go even further and faster in achieving our ambitions of offering complete client-enteric

banking solutions.

Saadiyariyaz head CPBB standard  added, standard recognizes that technology driven

enablement and partnerships can facilitate the resolution of challenges faced by our clients in various sectors

and accelerate economic growth for different market segments through enhancement in digital capabilities the


develop especially curated products for multiple segments. Existing and potential clients now have access to

banking facilities with a tap through our SC mobile app we are truly grateful for the patronage of our clients,

who are the driving force to keep us motivated, persuading us to challenge ourselves' as we continue to grow

and break barriers.”With this launch, Standard Chartered Bank Pakistan once again combines its international

expertise in digital banking with its local knowledge to bring forth a unique offering in the digital banking and

financial landscape. Building on this shift, the Bank intends to enhance client experience and cater to an even

larger client base with , and security at their fingertips.

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